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Are you interested in advancing your knowledge of dance? Do you have a desire to help others learn? Do you have a passion for dance? If you answered YES to these questions, you would be a perfect candidate for the Smooth & EZ Instruction Certification Program (ICP). This two-year course is taught exclusively by Lawrence Bradford and will equip you with the necessary skills and terminology to become an SEZ Instructor.

The ideal candidate will have successfully completed Hand Dance classes at a recognized (preferably Smooth & EZ affiliated) school and have a minimum of 3 years of Hand Dance experience. Individuals that have not been part of Smooth & EZ or one of its affiliates, but have a genuine interest in learning beyond the surface of not only Hand Dance, but fundamentals of social dances, would definitely benefit from this program.

If you think this describes you, please send an email to icptrainees@gmail.com to request an application. There are a limited number of available spaces in the program and there will be a very short window of time to submit your completed application once you’ve received it. If you have specific program questions please contact send an email directly to lawrence.bradford@comcast.net.


On February 23rd at the Elks Lodge in Temple Hills Maryland the Smooth & EZ ICP Class will graduate.  Check back Shortly for more information. 


As Third Vice President, Mr. Lawrence Bradford (Brad) brings not only the most experience but also the most success of Hand Dance among youth. He has been successfully teaching Hand Dance and related dances for over 23 years. He is also responsible for training and producing many of the certified Hand Dance instructors in the DMV.


He is dedicated to the advancement of Hand Dance and the expansion of the dance to youth and young adults. As an instructor at one of our successful charter schools, Mr. Bradford will develop plans to incorporate other charter and public schools.  Mr. Bradford recognizes the strategic advantage of teaching preteen students which will help in ensuring the longevity of the dance we love. 


Mr. Bradford also has the broadest group of affiliate schools also teaching youth as well as adults and he has formed an instructors association with the goal of unifying instruction not only in the DMV but also in other urban areas.  


Mr. Bradford believes that Hand Dance deserves its place among all other urban dances and he will continue his efforts to work towards making that happen.


Mr. Bradford is asking for your vote and is promising to make you proud of your decision to do so.  Thank you in advance.