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1. When are classes held?

Our Class Schedule is located here.

2. Do I have to attend every class?

Classes are structured so that each lesson builds upon previous lessons.  However, we certainly understand that other obligations may prevent a student from attending every class.  Provisions are made to ensure that students who need specialized help are caught up on the instruction they missed.  Usually this  means working one-on-one, during class, with a certified instructor.

3. What do I wear to class?

Dress comfortably.  Some students “come as they are” straight from work.  Others change into more comfortable clothing suitable for a good workout.  It is a matter of preference but keep in mind one thing:  you will sweat!

4. What about shoes?

Shoes should have leather or suede soles so that you can spin safely.  As far as heel height is concerned, some people prefer flats and others prefer to wear the type of shoes they plan to wear when they go out dancing.

5. Do I need to bring a partner?

We love it when spouses, significant others and friends sign up together.  We believe hand dancing to be an activity for the whole family to enjoy.  However, it is not necessary to bring a partner.  Many of our students fly solo and we boast a student to instructor ratio of  2:1 — the largest hand dance teaching staff in the area.

6. Can I bring my child?

While we understand that uncontrollable situations arise, we ask that, under normal circumstances, you not bring your little ones to the Beginner and Intermediate classes.  Unfortunately we do not have the facilities or staff to look after them properly. 

7. Where can I purchase Hand Dance music?

Lawrence “Brad” Bradford is our resident expert on Hand Dance music.  His knowledge includes musical styles suitable for Old School and New School Hand Dance and the Bop.  He can help you pick out music based on your personal interests and tempo preference (slow, medium or fast).  If you are currently attending classes at Joe's Emporium on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday ask Brad before or in-between classes.  If you would prefer, please send an email request to and include your contact information and Brad can contact you personally.

If you have questions that are not listed here please email us at so that one of our staff can get back to you.