mar 23 - click here to view letter from Ceo lawrence bradford


In light of the COVID-19 developments, Joe's like most other establishments has decided to shut down. Joe's will be closed to all from March 16 to March 29.

Saturday, March 14 will be our last session until then. I am conducting Leading Ladies at 9:00 am, class at 10:00 am, rehearsal at noon and ICP at 2:30 pm. It will take me two weeks to recover from that.

Your health and safety is important to us. We have taken precautions to make sure there's plenty of soap, wipes and hand sanitizer readily available. I hope to see you but if not I certainly understand. You must do what you have to do to ensure your own personal safety. This is serious, but we'll get through it and return to a sense of  normalcy.

We've got a lot more dancing to do!!