Hello Smooth & EZ Family!


First of all I hope you all are safe, in good health and continue to practice self-distancing. This is is serious and we all must do our part to combat the spread of this virus.


While sitting home during this self-distancing time, I've decided to write and/or rewrite some hand dance thoughts that just may be helpful to both instructors and dancers.  

  • People, who cannot learn, have not been taught.


  • Successful dance teachers understand the needs of their students and provide what they need as well as what they want.  

  • A successful dance instructor measures his/her competency not by how well they dance but how well their students dance.

  • Successful dance teachers keep their finger on the pulse of their craft by staying up to date through continuing education. Remember, to stand still is to move backwards. Virtually nothing is the same as it was five years ago, dance is not an exception.

  • Education develops understanding and the ability to communicate. Language is our fundamental form of communication.Researching and studying dance keeping an ear open to new terminology and new trends keeps all of us on dancing's cutting edge. It is my dream and the goal of SEZ to have Hand Dance as much of the cultural development of our young people as Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz Dance. Hand Dance is a part of our culture.

  • Being able to train students beyond your own capacity is the true test of a teacher of any art form. Limiting your exposure as a teacher and consequently limiting your students growth simply limits the growth of Hand Dance in the long run. Failure to keep up with the other dance forms increases the likelihood of us losing once again one of our cultural art forms. If we lose it again it just might not return.

In closing I would like to hear from you and to get your reaction to these thoughts positive and negative, teacher and student. So please take a minute and email me directly at Lawrence.Bradford@Comcast.Net with your comments, questions and criticisms. 


Please respond directly to the comcast email address.


Stay safe!!