This note is to express to you my sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude for your support, superlatives, honors, and accolades that were bestowed on me during an amazing evening held last month. I am truly humbled and esteemed to have had you, and so many others join me in celebrating my 75th birthday and recognition of 63 years of dance and 28 years of dance instruction.


I am proud to have played a part in bringing our art form, Hand Dance, that was coveted and revered in the Washington, DC region, back to popularity.  With your help and support, we were successful beyond my wildest dreams.  To have our dance recognized as the official dance of Washington, DC is an awesome accomplishment that we can all share.


We have taught thousands our dance! We have created hundreds of instructors, and we have traveled and performed around the world.  And, as we look toward the future of dance, our art form shares a level of respect that is often lavished upon other dance styles while also being enjoyed by participants and admirers around the world.


I can never thank you enough for the many thoughtful gifts, and the countless memories that will stay with me forever.  I am extremely grateful and immensely proud of the success that we all share in, and, as evidenced, your attendance was a testament to what we can achieve together. 


Thank you so much for your dedication, unwavering commitment and devotion to Hand Dance, Smooth & Ez, and the future of our dance.