Detroit Ballroom X Hand Dance Xchange 
Ballroom Xplosion 2016 
Art on 8th 2016

Smooth & EZ travels to Charlotte North Carolina to teach Hand Dance and learn Detroit Ballroom  in a Dance Exchange with the Purple Charlotte Steppers Club.(Spring 2016)

Smooth & EZ travels to Atlanta Georgia for a weekend of dance workshops, competitions, showcases, and of course social dancing at the Ballroom Xplosion. (Spring 2016)

Smooth & EZ Dance Troupe gives a dance workshop and demonstration hosted by the Bus Boys and Poets on the campus of Catholic University at this years "Art on 8th" (Summer 2016)


Lawrence Bradford &

Lisa Hamlton

Advanced Hand Dance Workshop

Smooth & EZ Reunion 

Open Dancing


Lawrence Bradford  & 

Lisa Hamilton 

Instructional DVD 


Lawrence Bradford

& Deonna Ball

Dancing with the Starz


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